“Wave Stone” Series by French Artist Léo Caillard: Classical-Inspired Busts That “Malfunction”

Have you ever seen a marble bust that appears to be melting? No? Well, then you need to check out the incredible “Wave Stone” series by French artist Léo Caillard. These sculptures are made from marble, and they depict classical busts that seem to be slowly melting away. The effect is stunning, and it provides a unique perspective on these age-old works of art. If you’re interested in seeing more of Caillard’s work, check out his website!

Each meticulously carved sculpture includes typically drawn elements, with realistic facial features, textured hair, and a striking outbreak that breaks up the rest of the piece. “My work examines the ties between the past, present, and future,” Caillard explains. “Marble is a timeless, magnificent natural material that is one of a kind. Since Greek and Roman art influenced my work, utilizing this traditional material seemed critical. The distortion symbolizes virtuality. We now live in a digital age, when our screens only display digital light waves of pixels.”

The concept has been applied to various types of marble sculptures. Still, the artist opted for a classic influence to emphasize this connection between ancient art and how most people view it—via the screen. “These works of art attempt to bridge the ‘real’ quality of the stone substance and the figurative face with our contemporary culture’s ‘virtual’ aspect, represented by the wave distortion’s abstraction,” Caillard adds. “It’s also a unique approach to work marble since I must employ contemporary methods to achieve such deforms.” In conjunction with the solidity of marble, the movement of the waves adds an air of renewal to these busts, making them seem as though they may alter at any moment, although they are composed entirely of marble.

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