Kat Alden’s Reflective Tattoo Process

Brazilian newcomer Kat Alden started tattooing to support individuals in the method of building houses for their spirits. She feels the body is a residence for the soul, a clear area in need of decor before it feels similar to a home. "A tattoo can modify the way a person sees," she explains.

"It can modify their behavior, that is a way to improve their reality. Like several tattooers, she considers the method inherently sacred.
I sense it's my obligation to do this. But to simply takes time to observe what's around, and what's within your brain is always beneficial, no matter what the reason."

Alden's private rituals of self-examination carry over into her community life, as she works to comprehend as much as possible about every person sitting in front of her. The aim is always to ensure each style aids the wearer feels more at home in their body.