Leo Caillard Immortalizes Iconic Super-Heroes

Leo Caillard maintains an artistic fascination with intertwining the new using the historical. The French performer - that formerly 'dressed' classical characters in the Louvre's sculpture set in stylish outfits - generates a collision of components that compels the viewer to question the functions of the topics introduced. Most recently, Caillard has appeared towards superheroes - pop culture paradigms of courage and strength -- since the protagonists to get a set of sculptural rock busts.

Caillard subverts the standard origin of rock busts with a modern twist. Traditionally, vintage figurines represent heroes of the classical period, constituting distinguished literary figures such as Zeus, Hercules, and Athena. 'one day, the personalities of the contemporary period might also be turned into rock figures adjusted for eternity,' Caillard muses. The electronic artworks turn components from mass media to specific objects prepared for a museum.