Mag and  Art Funny Mash Ups Of Fashion Magazine Covers With Classical Paintings 2014 01

“Mag + Art” – Funny Mash-Ups Of Fashion Magazine Covers With Classical Paintings


Filipino graphic designer Eisen Bernard Bernardo has a funny series titled ‘Mag + Art’ featuring fashion magazine covers mashed with classical paintings. He has managed to cleverly blend the poses of celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Beyoncé and Ryan Gosling to imitate those of the models in famous artworks by Botticelli, Klimt and Picasso.

Mag_and_ Art_Funny_Mash_Ups_Of_Fashion_Magazine_Covers_With_Classical_Paintings_2014_02

Mag_and_ Art_Funny_Mash_Ups_Of_Fashion_Magazine_Covers_With_Classical_Paintings_2014_03

Mag_and_ Art_Funny_Mash_Ups_Of_Fashion_Magazine_Covers_With_Classical_Paintings_2014_04

Mag_and_ Art_Funny_Mash_Ups_Of_Fashion_Magazine_Covers_With_Classical_Paintings_2014_05

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