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Inspired by Animals and Plants: Kinetic Sculptures by Choe U-Ram

Take a look at these fascinating kinetic sculptures by Choe U-Ram if you’re searching for a way to get away from it all in the city. The Seoul based artist’s large-scale pieces are often suspended from the ceiling and illuminated by LED lights, casting glimmering reflections on the metallic components. Animals and plants inspire his sculptures, and their lithe movements are mimicked with assistance from embedded CPU motors.
The frayed, Tyvek-coated sculpture named “One,” which mimics the lifecycle of a flower as it opens to a brilliant, full bloom before retreating to a more diminutive, darker form linked with deterioration, is included in his most recent pieces. “Orbis” and “Song of the Sun,” on the other hand, evoke more animalistic motions with their long fin movements and flapping wings. However, the latter’s petal-like components cast shadows that fill the gallery with dark foliage silhouettes.
You may view more of the artist’s sculptural creatures in action on his website and YouTube.