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Felipe Pantone’s “Subtractive Variability Compact” Project – Exploring the Full Range of CMY Spectrum

Felipe Pantone, an Argentine-Spanish artist, has long been interested in color. His sculptures and murals are based on the CMY (cyan, magenta, yellow) color spectrum and explore all of the colors produced using this spectrum. Recently, Pantone completed a new project called "Subtractive Variability Compact." This project uses spinning wheels to visualize the full range of CMY colors. The spinning wheels create a striking visual effect and are a must-see for all art and color theory fans!

The kaleidoscopic kinetic sculpture within a wall-mounted frame incorporates small acrylic discs coated in gradients of UV paint. The light is subtracted in different combinations as the individual modules in cyan, magenta, and yellow spin, resulting in an endlessly changing reel of color.

On February 15, Configurable will release a limited edition of 200 sculptures, and you may see more of Pantone's interactive prismatic works on Instagram.