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Okuda San Miguel Paints 19th-century Castle with Multi-colored Geometric Skulls

In the Loire Valley – a historical region in central FranceOkuda San Miguel has painted the façade of a late 19th-century castle with vibrant geometries and vibrant motifs.
Okuda’s signature markers can be viewed canvassing the outside of château de la Valette, wrap around its window frames and canvass its arched doorways. A stunning tableau of vivid pink, yellow, blue and crimson colors come together to make the mirrored picture of 2 skulls, providing the landmark website a vibrant and kaleidoscopic new ‘face.’

Okuda has finished ‘skull mirror castle’ as a part of urban artwork Paris‘ tag palette festival in Pressigny-Les-Pins. Curated by By Night Gallery and Ink & Movement,, the art forms a portion of a massive event specializing in street culture happening throughout the property of La Valette, which extends across acres of scenic wooded landscapes. The onsite castle, chapel, and dormitory buildings have been left for over thirty years before being bought and re-conceived as the playground for most global artists in the road culture scene.