Olga Suvorova creates Renaissance inspired paintings filled with vivid flowers

St. Petersburg-based artist Olga Suvorova has a bright, truly recognizable style. Once having seen her works, there is no doubt who is their creator, even to a viewer who is not an expert in the art. The joyful exultation of colors fills your soul with vital energy, overwhelms with variety and a rave of colors. You get a strong feeling of unbelievable surrealism and festive atmosphere from her works. Looking at the paintings, you can feel that they are filled with inner light and warmth, even if they are painted in cold, severe colors. Bright ultramarine is associated with the legendary bluebird of happiness. Ocher - with home comfort. The golden glow of decor - with thoroughness and fidelity.
The paintings are not just beautiful, but also remind us of both the cheerful carnival of the Renaissance and its philosophical mood. At the same time, the storylines of the paintings are amazingly modern in their exquisite theatricality. The figures are unexpectedly dynamic in their static poses. They dance, play cards or musical instruments, flirt, or get lost in their reveries. They are recognizable, and when you notice familiar images in the artist’s new paintings, it is like meeting good old friends.
Flora and fauna are also often drawn by Olga. Mysterious cats with their languid grace, reliable and faithful dogs, ravishing birds, and of course the most beautiful flowers: peonies, roses, lilies, and many, many others. A revel of life, light, colors, and the energy of the Sun fills the wonderland and the characters of Suvorova’s paintings. A curious fact is that such beauty is created on the shores of the harsh Neva river, in a city with a serious lack of sunlight, where cold rains occur too often and a low, pearl-gray sky dominates the beautiful scenery. Perhaps that is the reason why we have a strong desire to admire these works over and over again. They warm the cockles of the heart!