Alvaro Naddeo’s paintings of a dystopian world that speak to consumerism and waste of resources

The artist Alvaro Naddeo creates vibrant and colorful paintings that embody the underlying strength of discarded people. He believes there is always an upside to every situation, as illustrated by his use of recycled materials in all aspects of his artwork. Behind each one are characters who build a rickety shopping cart or gathers waste items for their small dwelling because they know how hard it can be on street dwellers to have enough resources at hand when everything else ebbs away with time.
The artist presents a world in which humankind's infrastructure has been ravaged by the passage of time. The structures, vehicles, and props are created through outdated technology, from rusted carts to framed debris with Coca-Cola logos, Marlboro signs that offer protection against the elements, and branded materials such as name-brand posters and stickers which cover nearly every surface. This work speaks not only to consumerism but also income inequalities a concern that resonates closely with society today where so many people experience this disparity first-hand day after day while others continue on without realizing how much they have taken for granted or experienced privilege their whole lives long because of an accident at birth into wealth and circumstance whereas those born poor struggle daily just trying simply get out bed in order maintain.

The gap between rich and poor continues to incessantly grow and it seems like nothing can’t stop it. That’s the harsh and important message of my work, but this message comes wrapped in a nice and warm blanket of nostalgia and the beauty of the composition. This warmth makes up for the harshness of the subject matter, he explains.

Naddeo is a young and brilliant artist who currently resides in Los Angeles. He has been involved with many groups shows over the course of his career so far, including Beinart & Outre galleries in Melbourne (Australia) as well as A. Hurd Gallery in Albuquerque (New Mexico). Naddeo will be showing two solo exhibitions next year: one at Beinart Gallery, NYC; and another show that's planned to take place at Thinkspace Gallery in LA! In addition to his upcoming exhibitions, he also features some sneak peeks from behind-the-scenes on Instagram.