Patriotic Paintings by Al Saralis “Rise Above Brexit”

This new series of work from the talented Modern artist Al Saralis includes a gorgeous pair of paintings of young folks displayed in the Union Jack. "I'm not trying to make a political statement but the inspiration came from the consciousness of a disgruntled nation," explains Al.

Pictures of this Union Jack for the last 200 years have normally stirred something deep and positive in women and men across the social spectrum. Now maybe the flag is an even more potent emblem trying to hold the country together and warn us that we are united by a common history that has had its high and low points, a frequent culture and a desire for the best for our nation. "I see the show as being reflective of items which are happening around us, and also the mining of patriotism," continues Al.

Currently on display at Amanda Aldous Fine Art In Hampshire, the gallery adds:"It seems like we're drowning in a never-ending sea of information about Brexit with all factions hoping to bring about what they believe is the ideal outcome for Britain. Yet there is a threat that solidarity one of the Brits that has always been so strong is being seriously tested and we are being forced into two tribes, with divisions between young and old, North and South or within traditional celebration political attachments.

"These timeless and haunting images are a world away from any tension or division. Instead, they evoke a poignant calm that invites a personal connection and open interpretation."

Al Saralis has always been motivated by the classical beauty of Renaissance painting along with the figures in these contemporary works have a most popular yet controversial painting on the planet. Discover more: