“The Reaper” by Kanuty Rusiecki. Recreated by Eglandas Višinskas

People Are Recreating Iconic Artworks in Real Life for the ‘VanGoYourself’ Challenge

Ever fancied to star in a Leonardo da Vinci painting or change yourself into a Van Gogh? The VanGoYourself website is a space where you and your buddies can recreate historical artworks and share them with the entire world. Created as a member of Europeana--a digital platform to promote the European Union's cultural heritage--that the site encourages us to get playful with artwork.

“The Visitation” by Jacopo da Pontormo (1494-1557). Recreated by Priscilla

The project is handled by Culture24, "an independent art charity in the UK with a feeling of humor." Via the VanGoYourself site, art lovers are encouraged to peruse over 100 paintings from 34 places in 15 countries. Each painting is identified to help you make your choice. Do you want to go for something "simple to recreate" or show your skills with artwork that is a "challenge for a master?" You might also get friends in on the action--just search the catalog by the number of people needed. You can become even more special by looking the mood of the art.

“The Emperor Augustus Rebuking Cornelius Cinna for His Treachery” by Étienne-Jean Delécluze (1781-1863). Recreated by Leoht

VanGoYourself encourages people to get engaged with historical masterpieces by submitting their own art recreations.

“Evening Lecture NVanderpeet” by Hendrik Jacobus Scholten(1824-1907). Recreated by Samir Mazumder
“The Gower Family: The Children of Granville, 2nd Earl Gower” by George Romney (1734-1802). Recreated by Maria
“Self-portrait” by Napoleon Iłłakowicz. Recreated by Lenni
“The Last Supper” by Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519). Recreated by Mariella Brunazzi
“Dance on the Jetty” by Hugo Simberg (1873 –1917). Recreated by Päivi
“The Lute Player” by Frans Hals (1582-1666). Recreated by Nikolina
“The Bitter Potion” by Adriaen Brouwer (1605/06-1638). Recreated by Şahan Gürkan
“Madonna and Child” by Ambrogio Borgognone (1465-1525). Recreated by Ruzistori
“Van Gogh 1887 Self-Portrait” by Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890). Recreated by Optivion