Serene Ceramic Women Resemble Peace And Love That Artist Has Found In Herself

Artist Julia Ballenger creates women that are submerged. Whether that is in a tub for a bath or as an element of an optical illusion, the girls train inner tranquility. Their peace is a reflection of this peace and love Julia has found in herself. "My work actually started with my own journey to loving my own body," she writes. "We are so blessed with the concept that tells us to do otherwise; we aren't good enough, skinny enough or pretty enough; I see a description that counters that norm as a highly effective tool of immunity."

She goes on:

As someone who is putting out images of girls in the World, it's my responsibility to create pictures of girls who exist in their bodies no matter what color, size or shape. Self-love is one of the most effective kinds of rebellion we've. This is exposed from the mundane acts of self-care, for example, bathing, shaving or sleeping, because it is a brief moment of lifelong approval and love to ourselves. These tiny moments deserve to be seen.

Julia sells her ceramic artwork throughout her online store. New restocks have been announced on her Instagram.