Single Lengths of Thread Around Thousands of Nails – Detailed portraits

Ben Koracevic’s work, at first, looks like it got made in graphite pencil. At a second glance, it’s visible that they are created with a string.
A London-based artist spends an uncountable amount of hours, carefully positioning nails on a blank white canvas and meticulously winding long lengths of dark string around the metal nails. In his big projects, a single line may measure up to 2500 meters long. Koracevic achieves depth in his artwork by crisscrossing the thread. After some time, each creation comes to life. To reach a high intensity of a color, the artist passes the string over a given area multiple times. His vital part of work is Persistence, Patience, and Passion, mainly because of the amount of time he spends on a single masterpiece (up to 500 hours). He is self-taught and driven to push limits of his vocation.
Koracevic believes that creating expression and emotion from this unique form of art is an endless challenge. He enjoys forming this original and detailed masterpieces, consumed with hours of enjoyment and pride.
From photorealistic depictions of celebrities to beautiful animal portraits, each of his artworks is amazingly detailed. If you feel like getting to know his art from close up, you can see a selection from Koracevic’s portfolio in London from July 2 through October 30, 2020, at THE LINE Contemporary Art Space.