Spiraling Coral Reefs Assembled from Accurately Cut Wood by Joshua Abarbanel

LA-based sculptor Joshua Abarbanel assembles wood sculptures and installations evocative of coral reefs composed of concentric flower-like blooms. The artist builds both smaller artworks that rest on a pedestal and larger wall pieces that seem to grow naturally in every direction. Each piece first takes form on a computer before being cut from mixed woods with the aid of a laser cutter. From Abarbanel’s artist’s statement:

Getting inspiration in fractals, accretive formations, and the Fibonacci sequence, Abarbanel creates art that often simultaneously evokes little and aerial perspectives, such that the structures serve as metaphors for archetypal relationships between people, among individuals and societies, and between humankind and the planet. His work also illustrates how different parts can come together to make a whole in beautiful and startling ways.

via Hi-Fructose, Colossal



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