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BAC Teams Up with Autodesk to Built Mono Single-Seater Art Car

Briggs Automotive Company collaborates with Autodesk to build a single-seater art car for the 2017 Goodwood festival of speed.
The Californian firm’s software is commonly used throughout the automotive, design, manufacturing, engineering, building, and entertainment businesses, and it is ‘CFD’ applications developed the B.A.C. ‘mono’s’ components.

Briggs Automotive firm generates a ‘mono art car’ with the support of Autodesk’s ‘computational fluid dynamics’ (CFD) applications, imagining the air flow three-dimensional versions for designers. The vibrant artwork car is painted black, with green, blue lines stretching up the entire body toward the motorist, and yellow + red traces flowing into the trunk. The designer has turned into the ‘mono’ single-seater automobile’s airflow and aerodynamics into bright, appealing lines.

Fitted using a 2.5-liter four-cylinder motor, the ‘mono’ single-seater artwork car produces 305 hp and is capable of accelerating from 0–60 miles in a blistering 2.8 minutes. Having worked with Autodesk for several decades, it’s a pleasure to make something as fantastic as this artwork car,’ remarks Briggs automotive firm’s co-founder and design manager, Ian Briggs. ‘Not only is it among the very striking and sophisticated mono color schemes we’ve created but also, it reveals the original layout of mono and the way we use Autodesk software to bring about making the ideal vehicle. Mono lovers are going to have the ability to observe the automobile in the Goodwood festival of speed, and also we can not wait to show folks how great the car appears.’