This Vietnamese Dad Built a $28 Million Miniature Rolls-Royce Boat Tail from Scratch

Meet Trương Văn Đạo, father and sole proprietor of ND Woodworking Art. This Vietnamese dad is the builder behind some of the world's most miniature replicas of luxury cars, including a working model of the Rolls-Royce Boat Tail that cost over $28 million! Đạo's workshop and YouTube channel capture him in action as he carves out these tiny masterpieces from scratch. If you're looking for an interesting father-son project or just want to see some fantastic miniature car replicas, be sure to check out his work! Văn Đạo created a tiny Lamborghini Sian out of wood last year, including butterfly doors and an electric engine. This time, he decided to go all out and make what is referred to as the most costly street-legal automobile in history. The replica of the Boat Tail from Văn Đạo doesn't just scale down the grand tourer... it has opening doors, functioning headlights/taillights, and driving capabilities (no, it doesn't have a V12 like the original) ... but there's more? The rear trunk opens to exhibit a pair of glasses, a juice dispenser, and an umbrella stand for sipping orange juice while sitting behind the exquisite automobile!

The video above is the second part of Văn Đạo's two-part video series on how he created his home. It's incredible how he constructs the entire automobile from the ground up without using any existing toy car chassis or other materials. Văn Đạo begins by mixing the whole car's massive wooden pieces, which form the overall bulk of the vehicle, before sawing away at it with a chainsaw to get it to resemble the original. It's reasonable to assume that the process takes months, given that Văn Đạo also works for Google.

In the meantime, Văn Đạo puts the car's engine together, which resides in the vehicle's rear behind the drink-holding trunk. The Mini Car, unlike the Boat Tail, is powered by a battery-powered motor instead of a V12, resulting in a vehicle that smoothly drives down city streets rather than setting speed records. He also employs a variety of tools, including sanding machines, hole-saw bits, and other cutting instruments to create all of the tiny details from the holes for the headlights to the slots for the windshield, doors, and other features. The car is made of various woods, ranging from lightweight body and interior wood to darker woods for components like the grilles, dashboard, and even the Spirit of Ecstasy figurine that sits on the hood! When the automobile is ready to exhibit the world, it is covered with a layer of lacquer.

The father closes the video by taking his son for a spin in the freshly built car and even stopping in a corner to pull out the drink caddy that has been installed in the vehicle's back. After that, the father and son share an orange juice, making memories that will be more valuable than a $28 million vehicle ever could!

Designer: ND Woodworking Art