A Succinct Comparison of DL Sizes

Do you think you know all one can know about DL sizes?

Think again!

Some of us may have heard of tabloid or A5, but the two paper sizes that matter are letter or A4 for the vast majority. Luckily for you, we’ve created a brief guide to compare DL sizes to rid you of the confusion. 

What Does DL Mean?

The 99mm x 210mm measurement is called the dimension lengthwise size, which is exactly one-third of A4. This is the standard size for:

  • ·         Leaflets,
  • ·         Promotional Materials,
  • ·         Invitations,
  • ·         Cards,
  • ·         Personal Envelopes, and
  • ·         Flyers.

Understanding DL Dimensions

It’s imperative to consider the dimensions whenever you’re buying paper, leaflets, envelopes, brochures or if you’re printing flyers. While getting a large size can help you communicate your message better, less can sometimes be more.

Smaller sizes often make a big impact depending on how they’ve been designed. Listed below are the dimensions for every size.

Size of PaperDimension LengthwiseA0A1A2A3A4A5A6
Dimensions in mm99 x 210841 x 1189594 x 841420 x 594297 x 420210 x 297148 x 210105 x 148
Dimensions in cm9.9 x 2184.1 x 118.959.4 x 84.142 x 59.429.7 x 4221 x 29.714.8 x 2110.5 x 14.8
Dimensions in inches3.9 x 8.333.1 x 46.823.4 x 33.116.5 x 23.411.7 x 16.58.3 x 11.75.8 x 8.34.1 x 5.8

DL Sized Brochures

DL sized brochures are usually used by direct marketers who are trying to promote a specific service, product, or company (a person trying to sell you a credit card, perhaps). In other cases, companies also use these brochures to create:

  • ·         Resumes,
  • ·         Invitations, and
  • ·         Restaurant menus.

DL Sized Leaflets

A DL sized leaflet is practical and edgy. Its slim and tall size gives it a sophisticated look, and it looks a lot classier than a standard A5 leaflet. They can be used for:

  • ·         Price lists,
  • ·         Leaflet stands,
  • ·         Menus,
  • ·         Invitations, and
  • ·         Vouchers

DL Sized Envelopes

DL sized envelopes are popular because they’re used pretty frequently. They’re usually used for business letters since they’re made to fit the A4 paper size, which can then be folded into thirds. According to the dimensions, a DL-sized envelope is larger than the standard DL size so that DL-sized paper can fit into it.

DL Sized Cards

Like other cards shared on special occasions, DL sized cards can also be gifted on Christmas, birthdays, or other holidays during the year. Conveniently, they also fit into DL sized envelopes.

Comparing DL to Other Sizes of Paper

  • ·         DL and A5 have the same length, but DL has a shorter width.
  • ·         DL is one-twelfth of the dimensions of A2
  • ·         If you combined 32 DLs, you would have an A1 sized paper


Before starting the printing and design process, ensure you know the correct DL size for the job. A size that works for a leaflet won’t necessarily work for a resume.

Picking the appropriate dimensions can make a loud impact!