How to make your companies culture more fun and relaxed

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Work isn’t often described as fun but there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be, and studies have shown that employees who consider their workplace to be a fun environment are happier and more productive. It’s also a great way of boosting employee retention rates as well as creating a positive company culture that attracts top talent as the business grows. Regardless of whether your company has the budget too big and expensive office additions to create a fun working environment, there are plenty of ways to build the right atmosphere and culture at work. Here are some tips for making your business and fun and relaxed placed to work.  

Let Your Staff Self-Manage

A successful and happy business is one that provides its employees with the tools they need to go above and beyond in their jobs. Allowing staff to do what’s needed to provide stellar customer service, employees are motivated, enthused and feel like they’re making an impact in ways they can’t when they’re reliant on someone else making the decisions. But it’s not just customer service that can benefit from this level of autonomy – the best HR software allows staff to sort out their own holidays, manage documents and details, and communicate with other members of the company without relying on someone else to sort it for them. This provides people with the pride and happiness of being able to find solutions for themselves.

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Let Personalities Shine Through

For many people, home and work are completely separate spaces and people often leave a big part of themselves at home in terms of who they really are and how they behave. But encouraging people to be themselves at work and at home can help people feel more relaxed and happier, as they don’t feel like they’re presenting a false persona. From allowing people to set up their desks however they want to, having a flexible dress code that enables people to dress however they want, celebrating your employees’ differences and personalities is a great way of creating a more relaxed work environment. 

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Provide Rewards

Corporate environments can be stressful and that’s one of the quickest ways of bringing the mood down along with productivity. But rewarding staff for their hard work and providing perks that make the workday more enjoyable can boost morale, mood, and productivity, while also making the culture of the company more fun. From on-site massages and complimentary fitness programs to healthy food stocked in the kitchen for staff to enjoy when they please, there are many options when it comes to rewarding staff for their hard work.

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Encourage Playtime

It may seem counterproductive to encourage your staff to ditch work in favour of play, but in order to keep your staff motivated and energised, they need downtime from work every so often. Many companies have a games area in their office premises that includes sofas, pool tables or areas for staff to kick back and watch TV for a little bit so they can clear their heads and unwind. Even a 15-minute break from the computer screen can be enough to reinvigorate your employees and allow them to return to work with a fresh perspective.

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