150 People Tried to Drew 10 Iconic Logos and Here’s What Happened

Companies spend millions to earn a very small space in our heads that would help immediately comprehend their brand logos. However, how well do you think that money is spent? The only suggestion was that they have to do it without any visual aids, just by their memory.

The outcomes are waiting for you below, and get ready to be at least a little bit surprised at how the picture of these logos differ from person to person. However, despite the differences, many participants did manage to find the color palettes right, which reveals the value of the right color combo for a famous logo.

In fact additionally pinpointed by Karen Haller, a top authority on color psychology, who had this to say while speaking about using color in branding:

“People have an emotional link with color first. “If we sense a mismatch, it’s the color we don’t trust, despite the superbly crafted words.”

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Burger King



Domino’s Pizza

Foot Locker