All images © Edgar Artis.

3D Fashion Illustrations Use Found Objects to Create Beautiful Gowns

Armenian illustrator Edgar Artis playfully blends his pencil-drawn fashion illustrations with real life, mixed objects. His work to date includes food art masterpieces such as a magnificent spaghetti ball gown and a kiwi cocktail dress. Other fantastic examples comprise an elegant gown rendered from colored pencil shavings, and a princess dress made out of cotton wool balls. Artis' most recent work continues to incorporate a broad range of found items, which are placed on hand-drawn, posing models to create three-dimensional ensembles worthy of the catwalk.

From an amazing banana skin dress to some frock made from parts of a whole cheeseburger, Artis is never short of inspiration, often finding it in many unlikely places. In addition to sharing his whimsical sense of humor, the artist also aims to spread positive messages to his 700,000+ Instagram followers. In one specific bit titled Transformation, Artis uses inside-out lychee skin to make an elegant poncho. He was prompted to produce his stunning illustration after becoming "really tired of princess dresses."

He clarifies: "I'm tired of seeing people who think princess stuff is beauty and perfection. I created a contemporary design that hides a gorgeous concept behind... It reminds me of a caterpillar who's about to change into a beautiful butterfly and fly. A lot of men and women are fearful or shy of showing to everyone what they are capable of. The same situation was with me. Here is my advice, don't ever be shy or fearful, open your lovely world and show them that you are!"

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