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3D Skulls by Filip Hodas That Will Creep You Out

This strange notion of delving into the anatomy of our favorite cartoon characters was created by 3D artist Filip Hodas from the Czech Republic. As a result, he generated some incredibly realistic skulls of those people utilizing his creativity and digital painting.

According to Filip, the skulls in these three-dimensional models are realistically anatomically correct. With signature accessories like glasses, pipes, and hats to make them more recognizable, as well as scientific names on the bottom of the statue to make them seem like they are put in an exhibition, this is a collection that will creep out anyone that sees it.

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Homunculus Maggus
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Canis Goofus
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Homo Popoculis
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Anas Scroogius
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Spongia Bobæ
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Mus Minnius
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Homo Arnus
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Ursus Yogus
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Homo Iratus

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