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Surreal, Dreamy 3D Worlds by Mae aka Eniosta: A Place of Escape and Soothing Soul

Step into the surreal, dreamy 3D worlds created by Mae, aka Eniosta, and you’ll quickly understand why she describes her work as a means of escape. Transporting the viewer alongside her to a place that will soothe their soul, Mae’s digital art is nothing short of mesmerizing. Whether it’s an ethereal landscape or an otherworldly creature that has caught your eye, these 3D creations will surely leave you longing for more.

“My journey with 3D began when I made and sold gaming assets, focusing on interiors and architectural design. As a result of game engine limitations, I eventually grew dissatisfied with my position. I decided to return to creative expression without regard for the end product by utilizing the abilities I gained in 3D to transition to a new art form.

I’ve always found a way to use art as a form of escapism: the perfect method to disconnect from your problems for a short time. I’m finding my niche in 3D because somewhere else doesn’t have to be a real place - or even an imaginable location - and this is where I’ve decided to stay. In the realm of surrealism and escapism. My work is frequently characterized as relaxing, tranquil, and soothing. It allows people to travel with me for a moment and step outside their turmoil.” – Mae.

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