9 Brand Logos Get Changed Into Female Versions

This year's women's day was about empowering women, and much more companies than ever have come together to celebrate this day.

Creative Equals, a company aiming to encourage talented girls and encourage diversity in creative businesses, has decided to replace iconic new logos with female figures to highlight the issues of unbalanced branding in the media.


Their trademarks include firms like Pringles, Monopoly, DreamWorks, Schwarzkopf, and Bic. Creative Equals hope this will bring out the issues of gender inequality since the organization's founder and CEO Ali Hanan, 89.5 % of design supervisors are a man and it may influence a new identity.

In a meeting with Dezeen, Ali Hanan said that they are not attacking any of these brands personally, but they wanted to show a variety of illustrations to have individuals celebrating International Women's Day and thinking about the need for more women.

This is not the only creative notion for International Women's Day this year; we were surprised by Barbie's collection of 17 new dolls that depict inspiring women from all around the world. Also, check out how these cosplayers portrayed Disney princesses chasing their dream professions in this inspirational photo shoot!

Scroll down to determine just how these legendary male mascots would seem like when they were girls!

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