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Surfboards with Cartoonish Characters by Jean Jullien

Surfboards with cartoonish characters by Jean Jullien! Surfers rejoice, surf’s up, and cartoons are down. Surfboard manufacturer Fernand has collaborated with the French artist to create surfboards that feature cartoonish characters, all hand-drawn by Jullien himself. The four characters, which feature two grinning fish, a whale, and a seal, are rendered on foam boards before being glazed and polished by Resin League.

It’s a refreshing change to see these surfboards with such fun and innocent designs. The “coolness” of the sport often means we take ourselves too seriously. Still, this design offers a light-hearted look at what it means to be in tune with nature as well as your own creativity by encouraging people not only to enjoy themselves on the water while exercising their minds at one time! With Jullien’s tiny surfer dudes, you can wear all three things: clothes designed just for them; some T-shirts embroidered by him – which come in soothing ocean tones like deep blue crinkle freckles or khaki brown sand waves – so there will always be something new out each season.

Website: Jean JullienResin LeaguePaul Hyde