An Italian Design Studio Create Furniture from Eroded Travertine Encased in Resin

Italian design studio Alcarol has teamed up with Tuscan rock company Vaselli to make a table and stools created of eroded Travertine encased in resin.

Presented at BSPK, a furniture gallery curated by Nicola Gallizia, throughout Milan design week, the table and stools are manufactured from Rapolano Travertine -- a kind of sedimentary rock which has been bandied around Siena, in Tuscany, for centuries.

Alcarol and Vaselli took blocks of this eroded travertine stone and cast them in transparent resin. The resin that strengthens and keeps the stone's cavities is then polished to create perfectly angled blocks and slabs.

Fixed onto a burnished steel base, a slab of Travertine that fades into clear resin creates a low table, while the blocks of stone and resin are cut into ideal cuboids to design the stools.

The designers stated that clear resin was chosen as it resembles the water where these stones lay submerged through various eras.


Travertine, which can be white, tan, cream colored, and even rusty is a terrestrial sedimentary rock with a crystalline-texture.

For centuries it has been quarried from the Italian town of Rapolano, which is known for its hot springs where the Romans used to shoot thermal baths.

The stone is formed by the precipitation of carbonate minerals, frequently at the mouth of a hot spring or in a limestone cave, and its porosity is a result of the existence of organisms like macrophytes, bryophytes, and algae.

It's been utilized as a construction material as the period of the Etruscans around 800 BC.

The travertine bits are the newest in a lengthy set of resin furniture created by the Italian design studio based on precisely the same idea.