Bi-Directional ‘Symmetry’ Luxury Yacht Concept

Dutch yacht firm Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design (SEYD) introduced at the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show, a bi-directional maneuverable concept boat, ‘Symmetry’. The layout of the megayacht works from the center outwards, which has advantages over a traditional right setup. The spacious, balanced and symmetrical concept is a showcase of the future of yacht design to come. “The yacht’s layout is created by symmetrically building up from the center, instead of using the traditional right setup,” describes designer Sander Sinot of SEYD. “Functions on the decks are organized around the central void with an intuitive logic. The symmetrical shape of the hull allows for a bi-directional course at sea, tight maneuvers and pivoting, ensuring secure tender transfers on the lee side of the lower deck’s mid-ship beach lounge. It was our aim to create a harmonious balance of functionality, beauty, engineering, and design. Symmetry reflects a genuine owner-centered philosophy of the yacht as a custom-designed private estate, moving freely over the world’s oceans, offering an abundance of space to welcome beloved ones to indulge, work, play and enjoy life.” Thanks to the symmetrical setup and shape of the hull, ‘Symmetry’ can accommodate the owner and his or her guests in a way that is rarely shown in yachts. The six decks can host 34 guests and 48 crew, with every deck built for a particular function and character. SEYD generated a 3D model of the project and shared this with the naval architect at BMT Nigel Gee who confirmed technical feasibility of the ‘Symmetry’ yacht. Based on their extensive input, Sander Sinot and his design team further enhanced the renderings of this both technically and aesthetically innovative project.
















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