Charming Van Gogh Action Figurine Comes with Little Detachable Ear

Playful, and on a mission “to make art and art history more fun,” Today is Art Day Day aims to educate with its newest quirky concept: a van Gogh action figure.

The size of 5 inches tall, the little doll shows an adorably stylized depiction of the iconic Post-Impressionist. Thanks to his fiery red hair, sunflower lapel pin, and a pair of Dutch clogs, the artist is instantly recognizable. Just in case there is any doubt, though, the too-cute toy features fully detachable ears. Moreover, each figurine comes with a pint-sized paintbrush and teeny-tiny copies of his renowned paintings, including Starry Night, The Cafe Terrace at Night, The Sunflowers, Bedroom in Arles, and his most famous Self Portrait.


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