Famous Brands Alphabet Merged Technology and Typography Into Trademark Typography

Technology and typography unite within this series of electronic letterforms designed with electronics in your mind. Vinicius Araujo, a picture and motion designer based in Rio de Janeiro, has pictured 26 characters according to brands from Apple to Zenith. The initials reflect a number of the best-known characteristics of each company, creating a palette of letters for technology fans everywhere.

Araújo based the digital letterforms from our favorite typeface Helvetica, adding components signature to each electronic equipment brand represented. 'A' for 'apple' is left as a regular Macintosh PC, complete with classic mouse and floppy disk drive; 'N' for 'Nintendo' is a large and huge object copying the form of the favorite gaming platform; 'T' for 'technics' integrates a turntable to its sleek form.