Pocket Sized Greenhouse “Lives Glass” Self-Sufficiently Filters the Air

Designer Xindong (Jonathan) Che wants to add extra greenery to the modern world without the trouble that comes with taking care of plants. That’s why he converted an average hourglass into a miniature greenhouse called Lives Glass. The plant lives in the bottom half of Che’s glass creation and, in the top half, there sits a water tank. When water is issued into the Lives Glass, it gradually trickles down to the plant using drip irrigation without causing over-hydration or evaporating your green friend. There’s also a little hole at the bottom that clears the plant’s oxygen for air purification.

Not only is this invention designed to look great in any home or office, but it also provides its owner with a stress-free, air purification system. To get more about this project, you can follow Che on Behance.

via Yanko Design