Our Common House by Mikołaj Nicer: A Frisky Attempt to Encourage Avian-Urban Biodiversity

Household birdhouses are a common sight in suburban backyards, but most birdhouses aren’t designed with the house’s human inhabitants in mind. Designer Mikołaj Nicer conceptualized Our Common House for this reason. Part address sign and part birdhouse, Our Common House is a household design that encourages avian-urban biodiversity. From a distance, Our Common House is your typical household address display. Made from natural fired clay, the outer casing of Our Common House is unassuming and minimalist. Unadorned by design, Our Common House sports an adaptable design that could fit onto any modern home’s exterior, further emphasizing its utility as both an address sign and birdhouse!

Our Common House appears to be a regular home address sign from a distance. Our Common House’s outer shell is tiny and inconspicuous. Our Common House is unadorned by design and has a versatile style that may be used outside any modern home. Residents may clean the address digits by removing the outer casing before putting it back on whenever they think they need to. The extreme case of natural fired clay is a nesting box made from natural wood. The nesting box, which comes in three different materials: oak, pine, or poplar, is a secure location for birds to breed and raise their young free from the danger of predators. Nicer sought to connect the usefulness of addressing signs with a good cause while developing Our Common House.

More excellent comments, “The scarcity of nesting sites is one of the most important influences on urban bird survival. Modern construction techniques and city space design concepts restrict nesting opportunities significantly. Our Common House is unique and extremely convenient in addressing this issue. It transforms the unsightly common element of building aesthetics into a useable nesting unit, giving city birds an important resource.”

Designer: Mikołaj Nicer