The Chamber of Wonders by Girard-Perregaux

This year at Baselworld, Girard-Perregaux presented watch "The Chamber of Wonders" which consists of three artistic models within the 1966 collection. The three dials distinguished by three historical maps: The Pearl of Wonders, The Terrestrial Map and The New World “Novus Orbis .” Each version limited to 18 pieces and came in a 40 mm pink gold case, powered by GP caliber 3300 automatic movement. The New World “Novus Orbis” is portrayed in this post (Ref. 49534-52-R06-BB60), and its dial design based on the work of Sebastian Münster (1488-1552). According to Girard-Perregaux, the Novus Orbis is, the most colorful of the maps contained in La Chambre des Merveilles, it showcases creative fields populated with fragments organized into a mosaic. It is made with genuine stone marquetry, combining the tones of blue and pink aventurine, calcite, and Canadian nephrite. It takes about 95 hours to make a single dial. The finely chosen stones carved into mini-disks that, at the end of a hand-operated polishing operation, reach 0.50 mm. The cutting and assembly of those micro-stones require exceptional meticulousness, patience, and artistry. The technique gives the impression that the land on the map floats, reinforced by the artist’s micro-painting in six different tones.”