The Designers Inspired by Samurai Swords Give You the “Workingman’s Sword”

What if you had a thing that might let you stand up and make a chair for your phone? Would you put it on the back of your phone, regardless of the comments you may receive?

Our smartphones have become our steadfast and loyal partners in all aspects of our lives, even those that would require physical labor previously. Your phone can’t make you a pizza, but it can easily place an order for one. While the IKEA router is certainly not a magic gimmick that will build you a desk, it may be just a few taps away. Ironically, there are several simple duties that smartphones are unable to accomplish, such as standing up on their own and watching a lengthy film without developing gorilla arms. Fortunately, phone stand accessories do exist. However, the Workingman’s Sword is something special for those who want to get down and dirty with their hands. After all, it turns out that it does assist you in putting your IKEA desk together!

Wild Zoo Design Studio: Chaoze Zhong and Chang Wu were the designers.

This phone stand design is unlike any other in that samurai swords inspired it. Chaoze Zhong and Chang Wu from Wild Zoo Design Studio are the designers behind this “Workingman’s Sword.” The inspiration for this design came from the katana or samurai sword carried by ancient warriors everywhere they went. This essential “stand” is a must-have tool for any smartphone owner. It’s a shame that you don’t need a license to own it!

The stand comprises a basic M4 Hex Wrench and a four-directional connector with matching hexagonal slots. The button is in the middle and fits into any of the holes. The connector attaches to the rear of your phone or its cover. Almost every part since the hexagonal shape of the slots restricts you.

The Workingman’s Sword is a multitasker for Allen or hex wrenches, at least for socket wrenches. ACCORDING TO EXPERTS, the M4 is the most popular wrench used to put together furniture nowadays. The stand guarantees that no matter where the working individual goes, they will have one of the most popular tools in hand to construct a chair, desk, drawer, or another piece of furniture.

Indeed, it’s a multi-angle smartphone stand dependent on the location and manner in which you insert the hex wrench’s shorter end. The connector’s holes do define fixed angles, but it at least covers most of the slopes you’ll need while propping down your phone on a desk or the ground. Unlike most stands, this one allows you to use it in landscape or portrait mode.

The notion of having an industrial tool attached to your phone permanently is likely to appeal to you or repel you. However, people who wish to have a hex wrench at their disposal won’t be typical smartphone users. It’s similar to the infamous Pocket Protectors that geeks were mocked for in the past, except this one is geared more towards people who enjoy DIY projects and putting furniture together.

It doesn’t have a lot of styles, and it certainly won’t win any beauty pageants. It won’t appear suitable when you apply a piece of plastic or resin to the back of your phone and affix an L-shaped metal instrument to it. We’ve also come across stranger things that people put on the back of their phones. Admittedly, there are other options for improving the connector and making it less out of place on a phone’s gleaming rear. With the expanding number of IKEA furniture or its equivalent in homes nowadays, the Workingman’s Sword has something other phone stands can’t: a method to wow your pals with your excellent assembly skills in a pinch.