7 Ways of Promoting Your Student’s Blog for Free

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Students rarely have enough budget to promote their blogs. But paid advertisements or hiring an SMM expert aren’t the only ways to make you popular! You can do it by yourself, not paying a single dollar. It will require some effort of course, but it will reward you with many visitors, popularity, and new connections very soon!

If you are determined to make your blog popular for free, we have something useful for you! Here are some simple tips to achieve your goal. Feel free to combine them, modify or invent completely new ways of promotion!

Tip 1: Write interesting things

Yes, it’s that simple. Learn what your audience likes and dislikes and create content people want to see. Of course, you don’t have to write something that repels you for the sake of popularity. Just try to find your niche, write for people who have common interests with you – and the rest will come naturally.

Even if you are writing about yourself, think – what exactly you want to achieve with this post? Do you want to share something important? Make your audience feel a certain emotion? Invite them somewhere or make a call to action? Combine speaking from your heart with a clear message and purpose and this will attract people to you. Of course, you can have some problems with the forming of your content. If you don’t have writing talent, it’s not a problem, you can use other sources of information and tools, that will help you to make your text more consistent and even write a conclusion.

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Tip 2: Categorize

Sure, you can’t write about a single topic all the time. Moreover, your fans will appreciate the diversity of your posts. But to ease their life, use categories or hashtags – whatever your blog platform allows to you – to let people read exactly what they want.

Categories will also help you monitor your posts. Sometimes we all are writing a lot about a single topic – if you see that you are too, you may consider making another post for the rest of the audience. Or you may understand that this topic really bothers you a lot and start a separate blog for it or just figure out what this subject means for you.

Tip 3: Take your blog with you everywhere on the Net

The more your blog is mentioned through the Internet the more popular it becomes. Add the link to all your profiles and accounts (of course, if it’s possible and appropriate). Make it your signature on the forums or add it to your mails. There is a chance that people will open your blog out of sheer interest and who knows – maybe they will decide to stay there. Use services to get followers & likes to increase your audience, but firstly, review them on to make the right choice. 

You may even intentionally register in the communities that are close to the topic of your blog. Start a thread there or ask some questions. Don’t be shy. To answer the questions asked in your blog post people will open it. Then it’s all up to you: if your post is interesting and you are in the right community with the right people, expect some new fans!

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Tip 4: Consult with other people

There are communities dedicated solely to free blog promotion. If you are struggling to make your blog popular all by yourself, ask some advice from people with the same situation! Some of these people can be interested in the subject of your blog right away, some of them may know people who will be - and some of them can share with you their own tips to reach success.

You also can visit the blogs of others and they will, in exchange, visit yours. These mutual visits will benefit both your blogs and raise them in Google search results or inner ratings of the platform. You may visit the blogs you really like or just anyone’s, paying like for like – it’s up to you. But visiting similar blogs and leaving comments there may lead to productive discussions and even real-life friendships.

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Tip 5: Always maintain a discussion

The algorithms of the search engines work similarly: they consider the resources with active discussions popular. So, one of the best ways to promote your blog is to start and keep discussions under your post.

There are several ways to do it. You may leave a call to action or a question – something that can urge people to write some words below your post. Always answer them, thank them for their opinions and ask more questions. People love attention and they will gladly talk to you, promoting your blog.

Tip 6: Keywords and hashtags

Search algorithms can’t read and appreciate your text, but they can read the keywords in it. Keywords are the most popular words people use while searching for something they need. Using these keywords in your texts will greatly increase the chances of finding your blog in Google or other search engines. 

Hashtags work similarly – people mark their content with hashtags, defining the topics of them. If you are sure that your post is connected to a popular theme or event – don’t hesitate to put a hashtag on it. Maybe, it is the only step between your blog and the news feeds of dozens of people!

Tip 7: Write BestSellers!

Interesting and up-to-date information may attract most of the traffic, but the style of writing also matters here. Try to find your own style, be it old-fashioned, using modern slang, funny, serious or whatever else - the best texts are the texts where you express yourself.

Subscribe to the accounts of successful bloggers (even if they write about something you aren’t a fan of!). What makes them successful? How do they write and why they are writing this way? Answers to these questions may add lots of people who are reading your blog just to enjoy your writing style.

Remember that in order to write great posts you need to start writing! Everyone starts from something, no one was born a blogger. Try yourself, make mistakes, correct them, and good luck to you on your road to glory!