Frank Herfort

Live your daily life, how you want your life should be. I like images, and even more, I like to create them. I love traveling and moving more than sitting in one area. My journey and inspiration to photography started in Leipzig, in which I had been born before the collapse of the Berlin Wall. During my youth, I wasn’t interested in taking photographs at all, and I even hated it so much that I pulled out the picture of my mom´s camera to expose all pictures and make them unworthy. But later on, I realized it’s a perfect method of expressing things that you cannot explain in words. It´s possible to create magic and wonders with this medium. So, finally, I purchased my very first own camera with the help of my first earned money and began the same day. But I soon felt that I need to move forward, and so I chose to go to Hamburg and London. There I researched and aided by some photographers and worked in my first own commissions and projects. This very charming city with all contentious sides of existence gave me the possibilities to develop my cinematic-dream-like shooting fashion. Always trying to find the surrealist aesthetic which denies journalistic details and adoring to create historical storytelling images.
For my commissions, I travel a great deal around the globe for corporate, editorial and advertising projects.

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