Zaria Forman

photo by Francois Lebeau, photo credits Puddingstone Post

Zaria Forman is a recognized artist specializing in the medium of pastels to create vivid and compelling representations of the Earth's rapidly changing climate. She gains her inspiration by journeying to some of the planet's most secluded locations, capturing images that serve as the basis for her art pieces. Her works enjoy the distinction of being showcased in exhibitions globally.

Collaborations and Special Assignments

Forman's unique approach to art and climate awareness has led her to collaborate with notable organizations. She has been part of several aerial surveys conducted by NASA as a part of their Operation IceBridge over Antarctica, Greenland, and the Arctic regions of Canada. This not only highlights the importance of her work but also contributes to ongoing scientific research.

Media Appearances and Notable Speeches

Her impact has transcended the art world, capturing the attention of mainstream media outlets. She has been profiled on television programs such as CBS Sunday Morning, CNN, PBS, and international channels like the BBC. In addition to media appearances, Forman has delivered lectures and talks at esteemed venues. She has been invited to speak at Amazon, Google, and NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, among others.

Exhibitions and Residencies

She was a participant in the highly-publicized art installation, Dismaland, organized by Banksy. Additionally, Forman enjoyed the status of being the artist-in-residence on the National Geographic Explorer ship during its voyage in Antarctica. Her curatorial endeavors include being responsible for the very first permanent polar art exhibitions aboard Lindblad Expeditions' National Geographic Endurance and National Geographic Resolution ships.

Published Works and Representation

Forman’s art has been spotlighted in prestigious publications, including The New York Times, National Geographic, The Wall Street Journal, and the Smithsonian Magazine. She operates out of upstate New York and is professionally represented by the Winston Wächter Fine Art gallery, with locations in New York, NY, and Seattle, WA.

Artistic Methodology

Forman uses pastels as her primary medium. This choice allows her to achieve high levels of detail and color fidelity, crucial for the realistic depiction of climate change's impact on polar regions. Her technique includes meticulously layering the soft pastel pigment, often employing her fingers to blend and create nuanced color transitions that mimic natural light and shadows.

The Relevance of Operation IceBridge

NASA’s Operation IceBridge is a critical scientific mission aimed at collecting data on the changing polar ice. Forman's inclusion in these missions underscores her commitment to capturing the most accurate and relevant depictions of these areas. Her art provides a visual narrative that complements the scientific data, making the dire implications of climate change more accessible to the general public.

Media Impact and Communication Strategy

Forman’s media appearances on major outlets such as CBS Sunday Morning, CNN, and BBC help to mainstream the conversation about climate change. By leveraging her art to discuss complex scientific issues in a more accessible manner, she extends the reach of critical discussions around environmental protection and sustainability.

Technological Engagements

Forman’s involvement in talks at technology giants like Amazon and Google demonstrates the intersections between art, technology, and climate change. These talks usually focus on how technology can aid in both the creation of art and the distribution of important messages about our planet's health.

Exhibition in Banksy’s Dismaland

Her participation in Banksy’s Dismaland, a temporary art project in the United Kingdom, helped introduce her work to a broader, perhaps more avant-garde audience. Dismaland was a satirical take on amusement parks and featured works that offer social and political commentary, perfectly aligning with Forman's own thematic focus on environmental issues.

Permanent Polar Art Exhibitions

Her role as a curator for Lindblad Expeditions' National Geographic Endurance and National Geographic Resolution ships is groundbreaking. She has successfully managed to bring the message of climate change to a setting that is directly impacted by it— the polar regions. Visitors to these ships can now see permanent exhibitions that depict the very environments they are traveling through, adding another layer to their expedition experience.

Print and Digital Media Recognition

The inclusion of her works in high-impact publications helps to solidify her reputation as an artist of note. Outlets such as The New York Times and National Geographic are not just popular; they are considered to be authoritative voices in journalism, lending further credibility to Forman’s work and message.

Current Work Location and Representation

Forman is currently based in upstate New York, a location that provides her with the solitude and natural setting beneficial for her creative process. She is professionally affiliated with Winston Wächter Fine Art, a well-regarded gallery with locations in New York City and Seattle, which manages her exhibitions and sales.

By focusing on the intersections between art, science, and media, Zaria Forman not only establishes herself as a versatile artist but also plays a crucial role in educating the public on the pressing issue of climate change. Through her unique artistic interpretations, collaborations with scientific organizations, and strategic media appearances, she makes complex issues accessible and urgent for a global audience.

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