6 Ways to include more seafood on your family’s patter

The nutritive value and health benefits of seafood are no big secret. These dishes are loaded with vitamins, proteins, and omega-3 fatty acids to boost your overall health. Seafood is highly recommended for good heart health, better immunity, enhanced cognitive power, younger-looking skin, and much more. To ensure you get the maximum benefits of this magic food you must buy seafood from Fish Me, an authentic and trusted supplier of seafood. 

The incredible nutritional value, amazing health benefits, wide variety, and excellent taste make seafood a necessary addition to your family’s menu. It is highly beneficial and satisfies the nourishment needs of kids and elderly people. Here are some easy ways to include seafood in the daily meals of your family.

Start your day with seafood

Your breakfast must be something that keeps you full for longer and provide the energy you need to jump-start your day. For that reason, beginning your day with your favorite fish or shellfish can make your day. You can add it to your scrambled eggs or top your bagel with smoked salmon to make an easy and quick breakfast.

Start swapping the orthodox proteins

When it comes to protein, most people seek it from some orthodox food such as meat, poultry, dairy, etc. You can be a little more creative with your protein choices and swap these choices with a fish, shellfish, or shrimps. These are high in protein and contain very low saturated fats making a better alternative for traditional proteins. 

Go for frozen or canned seafood

Nowadays, fish flash can also be frozen. This is a great option for those who very cautious about reducing waste. You can make a part of it and the rest can be kept in the freezer for later use. For those who have a busy lifestyle and are always on a run, nothing is better than canned seafood. Options like canned salmon, crab, tuna, etc are convenient, budget-friendly, versatile, and can be cooked very quickly.

Explore beyond fish and shellfish

Seafood is highly versatile and offers a wide range of variety. Apart from fish and shellfish, you can go for crabs, shrimps, prawns, lobsters, mussels, oysters, etc. Even if you prefer plant-based food or just looking for a non-animal platter someday, seaweeds are an excellent option for you. It is the only plant-based food that fulfills your needs of omega-3 fatty acids. 

Make cooking seafood fun with kids

To encourage your kids to eat seafood and make a long-term healthy eating habit, involve your kids in the cooking process. Many studies have shown that children involved in the preparation of food are more likely to enjoy it as well. To begin with, you can also include seafood with the food that your kids love such as burgers or tacos. 

Encourage eating at home

Unhealthy eating begins and is often fueled by eating outside. Make eating a family affair, something that the entire family does and enjoys together. Seafood is economical and quick and easy to cook. You can also cook ones and eat the dish twice by refrigerating it. This convenience will also help you to promote home eating with kids and makes it easier to include this wonder food in your meals.