christine mcconnell gingerbread castle 5 min

Christine McConnell Sculpts Large 5-Foot-Tall Gingerbread Castle Unlike Any Other

Artist Christine McConnell is known for her fascinating projects that celebrate the vacations in an unconventional—as well as usually eerie—approach. Finally wintertime, she remodeled her mum or dad’s house into the witch’s cottage from Hansel and Gretel. It was complete with gingerbread gravestones and terrified gingerbread males. This year, her Christmas-themed endeavor is on a lot smaller scale, however equally as unbelievable. She “tried her hand” at a Gingerbread fortress that’s not solely large but fully edible. employed McConnell to create a holiday spread, and the fairy tale-like fortress is the centerpiece. Standing at around five toes tall, the spectacular structure was formed with a Dremel instrument. In addition to its gothic silhouette, it contains inlaid candy glass windows with intricate, hand-painted particulars throughout. What’s even more than outstanding is the gingerbread’s structural integrity. “At that place aren’t any supports of any kind,” McConnell explains, “as well as the whole lot (except for the lights) is edible.” It took her a total month of 10 to 15 hours per day to a destination.










McConnell documented the edible masterpiece in progress:

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