Japanese Mom turns fried eggs into cute creations

Some parents put so much effort and time into creating creative and healthy meals for their children. There is one mom in Japan, who mastered the presentation game. Etoni Mama is an expert in Japanese cuisine and in styling food to look like cartoon animals and people(Kyaraben). Her area of expertise is turning fried eggs into a variety of adorable characters. She can create pretty much any character with a fried egg. She uses egg yolks as bodies and faces; other ingredients such as nori (edible seaweed) precisely placed on top of characters' facial features and hair.
Some of the meals that Etoni creates involve cheese, ham, and vegetables to fill the full picture. Each of her meals looks way too cute to eat. On her Instagram, not only can we find admirable egg creations but also see her cooking book. She released it to help other parents with creative meals for children.