Are You Suffering the Side Effects of Melatonin? Try Using Silk Pillowcases or Eye Masks

If you suffer from sleep problems, you are not alone. All over the world, people are trying all sorts of remedies to counter their sleep problems, including taking melatonin supplements. Melatonin is the synthetic hormone responsible for your sleeping and waking cycle, so taking supplements of the hormone can help you overcome sleep disorders such as insomnia and jet lag. 

However, taking melatonin supplements leaves some people with adverse side effects, including nausea, dizziness, headaches, and drowsiness. Thankfully, there is a ‘sleek’ solution to this issue, and that is using silk pillowcases or silk eye masks. Read on to discover how this simple remedy works. 

What is Melatonin? 

Before we get stuck into how silk pillowcases and eye masks can aid the side effects of melatonin supplements, it is crucial to understand what this supplement is and how it works. Melatonin is not a medicine; it is a supplement used to treat sleep disorders, generally in people aged over fifty-five. 

Other conditions that Melatonin is used to treat include depression, blood clotting disorders, high or low blood pressure, and diabetes. The supplements are used as a sleeping aid because they help people living with insomnia fall asleep, stay asleep, and remain asleep longer. Melatonin also helps regulate your body temperature and blood pressure. 

With so many health and well-being benefits, it is unfortunate that many people suffer adverse side effects from taking Melatonin. The central aspect we are concerned with here is Melatonin’s relationship with countering insomnia and how silk pillowcases and silk eye masks can counter this condition. 

What Causes Insomnia?

Insomnia is a condition wherein people find it difficult to fall asleep, stay asleep, and stay asleep for an extended period. When it lasts more than one night and continues for several weeks, insomnia is classified as an acute condition. When the sleep disorder occurs for three nights and lasts for months, it is chronic insomnia. 

One of the leading causes of insomnia is stress, and the source of anxiety can come from anything, including concerns over finances, health, relationships, and so on. Sufferers cannot switch off thinking about these things when they go to bed, and their stress keeps them awake.

How Can Silk Eye Masks and Silk Pillowcases Improve Your Sleep?

Silk eye masks and silk pillowcases can help give you an incredible night’s sleep. Eye masks are designed to keep out light, helping you sleep, and the quality of silk is gentle and soothing to your eyes. Your brain associates light with it being the time to wake up. Therefore, it is essential to sleep in darkness to get a good night’s sleep. A silk eye mask will provide you with a light, soft, and luxurious way to get the darkness you need to sleep well. 

Similarly, silk pillowcases are smooth, and no abrasion can cause you to wake, as with other materials. You will awaken feeling more relaxed, rested, and with fresher eyes and skin. Using silk will negate the need to use melatonin supplements, as it helps aid your sleep naturally. 

Why Are Silk Eye Masks and Pillowcases So Effective?

Silk eye masks and pillowcases have become an extremely popular choice for people with insomnia to help their condition. Not only do they result in a better night’s sleep, but this high-quality material also gives you a little taste of luxury as you sleep. The reason they are so effective is that silk is such a lightweight material, and it exerts almost no pressure on your skin as you sleep. In other words, you will probably not even notice you are wearing a silk eye mask as you sleep.

Silk pillowcases and eye masks are an excellent choice if you have allergies that are affecting your sleep. Silk is more breathable and comfortable than other bedding material and will help give you a better sleep cycle. 

Other Benefits of Using Silk Products 

It is not just the benefits of silk for aiding insomnia and negating the side effects of Melatonin, but there are many other advantages of using this luxury material. For instance, using silk pillowcases will give your hair a treat, and you will wake up with much less ‘bed head.’ Silk sheets and pillowcases are also resistant to dust and mold, making them great for helping allergy sufferers sleep better. 

Using a silk eye mask will enable you to wake up more rested, feeling refreshed, and more prepared to take on the day. Improving your sleep will enhance your overall health and well-being, making silk eye masks an incredibly beneficial purchase. 

Silk eye masks will also benefit your looks. They are so light and delicate that they have no impact or pressure on the delicate skin around your eyes, so avoid creasing during your sleep. All-in-all, silk products will provide your skin with some luxury as you sleep, preventing wrinkles, and improving your sleep. 

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Silk’s Unique Properties

Silk has unique moisturizing properties due to its tightly woven fabrics. These properties are transferred from your silk eye mask to your eye areas, keeping moisture in the skin. Keeping your skin moisturized as you sleep helps prevent dark circles from developing and your skin puffing as you sleep. The overall result is a reduction in your skin’s aging process. You will not get the irritation that other materials provide when you use silk products as you sleep. 

Melatonin may be an excellent synthetic solution to sleep disorders, but many people suffer adverse side effects. How much better it is to use the natural, lightweight, soothing, and luxurious qualities of silk eye masks and silk pillowcases to help you sleep well.