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Colon Cleansing & Natural Detox: Benefits & Risks

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What is Colon Cleansing?

When one hears the word “colon cleanse”, you might hear a few opinions here and there. True enough that this topic stirs quite a few conversations. But what is colon cleanse? Is it really as bad or good as what people say it is? Colon cleansing is the flushing of the colon or large intestine with fluids to remove the waste inside our bodies. There are many ways to cleanse your colon. Two main methods are being used by many. The first one is called colon cleansing with powder or liquid supplements. This form of colon cleansing is consumed by the mouth. The most common powder or liquid supplements are: enemas, laxatives, herbal teas, enzymes and magnesium which can be found at your local health food store, supermarket, or pharmacy. 

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The second form of colon cleansing is with colon irrigation. Colon irrigation is done with a colonic machine by a hydrotherapist. This is done by lying on a table and a low-pressure pump flushes gallons of water through a small tube inserted inside your rectu,. Once the water is inside your colon, the therapist massages your abdomen until you release the water from your rectum as you would with your regular bowel movement. Generally this process is pretty fast and it can take up to an hour at the most, depending on how badly you need to cleanse your colon. Not only is water used in this process, but the therapist may include a mixture of water with enzymes, herbs, coffee, or probiotics that contain beneficial bacteria good for your colon. 

Benefits of Colon Cleansing

The process of colon cleansing sounds a little dangerous if you think about it. If you are in need of a colon cleanse, but still hesitant. Here is a few reasons why colon cleansing is beneficial to those who need it:

  • Improves your well being – Once you start colon cleansing, you feel more light due to less build up inside your colon.
  • Maintains your PH balance – If you are a huge fan of food that is high in protein, colon cleansing might be good for you. Food with high protein can cause inflammation in your body. Because of this your body will not be able to do its normal job of allowing water, minerals and vitamins to pass in your bloodstream. This will cause your body’s PH balance to be thrown off. 
  • A more effective digestive system – When a colon is cleansed, you have a better chance of your body absorbing more nutrients. 
  • Weight loss – When a colon cleanse flushes out all your waste, you are bound to lose a few pounds as well as to kick start a faster metabolism.

Risks of Colon Cleansing

If there are benefits, there are definitely a few risks to colon cleansing as well. Here are a few you should take note of before choosing your preferred colon cleansing process. 

  • Infection of your colon
  • Dehydration
  • A tear in your rectum
  • Change of electrolyte balance (dangerous for those who have kidney or heart diseases.)