Do You Need Glasses? 5 Signs That You Might

selective focus photography of woman wearing eyeglasses looking up

Good eyesight can be easily taken for granted, which is why making sure you’re looking after your eyes is so important. Many issues can lead to damaged and strained eyes, such as the glaring sunlight, or the bright artificial lights of a computer screen. No matter what irritates your eyes, it’s important to get it checked out by an eye doctor to find a solution. In particular, if you have been experiencing any of the following, this could be an indication that you might need glasses. 


If you have noticed that you are squinting more than usual when reading or focusing on an object far away or nearby, this is a big indicator that your eyes are struggling. It could be just because you’re tired, but if this is happening regularly it’s worth booking an eye test to find out whether or not you need glasses to help you see clearly.


Another sign that you should get your eyes checked is if you are starting to see auras around objects when you look at them. Auras will appear as a halo or circle of light that seems to be radiating from the object. This might occur just before you get a migraine, too, and if you’re suffering from both of these problems you should also see your family doctor as well as getting an eye test in order to rule out other possible health problems.

Distorted Vision

People might struggle to see clearly for many reasons, such as exhaustion, a reaction to a medication, and so on. However, more commonly it’s an indication that you might need glasses to correct your vision. If objects seem bent or blurry, or you are seeing spots that look like water droplets on your eyes, you should contact your eye doctor as soon as possible and make an appointment.

person holding eyeglasses


Headaches are very common and can be a symptom of numerous problems such as dehydration, exhaustion, muscle tension, or excessive caffeine consumption. However, they can also be a sign that your eyes are straining, especially if you experience sharp or aching pain behind or around your eyeballs. If you work with computers a lot, it could be due to the harsh lighting of the screen, in which case, blue-light-blocking glasses could help. If they do not help to reduce your headaches, you will likely need prescription glasses. If you don’t want to wear glasses, consider using contact lenses instead to make you more comfortable.

Asian woman feeling headache

You Struggle to Drive at Night

Although it might not be as easy to see at night, you should still be able to see enough when you’re behind the wheel to drive safely. If you have noticed that your eyes are struggling more when you’re driving at night, stop doing so immediately, and have your eyes tested as soon as possible. Once you have the correct glasses to help you drive at night, you can get back on the road. 

If you have been experiencing any of the above symptoms, it could mean that you need glasses. Contact your local eye doctor to book an eye test to find out for sure.