Six Ways To Improve Your At-Home Yoga Practice

An essential aspect of a successful yoga session is a safe, relaxing, and loving environment that will allow the student to feel completely at ease while concentrating on their metaphysical journey. This is currently the biggest obstacle to successfully completing yoga at home. Everyday items such as the dressing table, office desk, TV, and cluttered mess around the room can make it much harder to get into that physical and mental flow. Let's draw attention to six ways on how to upgrade your at-home yoga sessions and bring your practice to the next level.  

Pay Attention To Your Surroundings

It goes without saying that the right space plays a crucial role in yoga practice. When you are surrounded by physical clutter, you will be less motivated and more likely to be distracted and procrastinated. Whether you prefer to do yoga in your living room or have a dedicated spot in your home, make sure it is quiet, clutter-free and has the proper temperature so that nothing will interfere with your headspace. 

Also, try decorating your area with some air-purifying plants, crystals, motivational posters and books - anything that brings you peace and joy to create the best place for your yoga session. It should be a spot where you want to spend time in and the one that also inspires you to get on the mat no matter what.

Furthermore, since yoga is a practice not only for your body but also for the soul, it can be helpful to awaken your senses with a best-scented candle or an incense stick. The use of various scents (like soothing lavender or energising lemon) will create a unique atmosphere in the room and help you to relax, relieve stress and delve into full concentration.

Choose The Right Outfit

Just like you need to be sure that your surroundings will not distract you, you should pay particular attention to the clothes you choose for your session. Don't forget that you are going to be still for a long period when doing meditation, so ensure that your clothes are comfortable and will not become a distraction.

Despite the undeniable comfort found in oversized sweaters, they may not be suitable for yogis. Oversized clothes can look good, but yoga clothing should fit and breathe well to enhance movement when performing certain poses that could otherwise result in fabric snagging on an unsuspecting Keggler's body shape. Explore a range of women-centric designs at Kegglers today!

Quiet Your Mind Before Practice

Many people are attracted to yoga primarily for the ability to improve their sense of focus and concentration. It is the actual act of posing and stretching that aids relaxation and helps them calm their minds. However, when you take some time to find your inner stillness before starting the practice, each session can take you further in your practice.

In case you are struggling to stop racing thoughts, there are some simple tricks you can try. You can start with deep, slow breaths, which allows you to focus on your yoga session rather than what you will need to do around the house or purchase at the grocery store later. You can also create some ambience by turning relaxing background music that can deepen and guide your yoga session. For the more athletic Vinyasa, choose something more dynamic and upbeat, while static Hatha should be accompanied by a less proactive approach. 

Try Out CBD

This beneficial supplement can be a perfect addition to your daily meditation. Due to its potential interaction with the receptors of the neuromodulatory endocannabinoid system, cannabidiol (CBD) can provide needed relief from your ailments, which in turn can enhance your general wellness.

Taking CBD oil for anxiety can help you relax, alleviate stress levels and improve concentration, aiding your inner self during your practice. What's more, you can empower your yoga session with a variety of CBD products like CBD vape juice for your vape pen, infused herbal tea, oral tinctures and many more.

Say 'Yes' To Workshops & Yoga Events

Doing yoga a few times during a week can only give you the basics of this practice, and the progress in your yoga will eventually reach a ceiling. To expand your knowledge, skills and experience, you will need access to more tools and techniques.

Most yoga studios offer workshops and seminars and host travelling national teachers to help you improve certain types of poses, whether it be inversions or twists, learn more about other topics like meditation and pranayama or the philosophy behind it all. You can also attend yoga festivals and forums or simply follow other yogis on social media.

Different workshops, festivals and other events will not only help you improve your practice but also introduce you to like-minded people who can support you in deepening your yoga practice. When you actively and often think about yoga, you will be more inspired to improve your practice. The community can also encourage you as you refine your skills by offering helpful advice and support when you face challenges.

Keep A Journal

Keeping a yoga journal is a simple yet effective method for identifying and keeping track of your intentions and goals. Setting aside a few minutes before or after your yoga session can help you better understand your progress both on and off the mat.

You can even take a quick picture for future comparison to see how your practice has grown. It is a great motivation that serves as a solid indicator of where you started and how far you have come, giving you insight into your improvements and things you need to work on.