7 Healthy Self-care Trends in 2024

Life can be challenging, even at the very best of times. Self-care is and should be the top priority for every person in their own lives. After all, as the saying goes, how can you pour from an empty cup? While there are super healthy trends that come and go every year, good self-care habits should last a lifetime. While life gets busy, and sometimes we push our own needs to the bottom of our list of priorities, it is essential that we break this habit and form new ones that place caring for ourselves at top billing. We’ve put together a list of the seven most exciting and important healthy self-care trends of 2022; which one will you try first?

Alcohol-Free Year or Month

While alcohol is not problematic for much of the population, going without drinking for a period of time can be a chance to save a little extra money and keep a completely clear head on your shoulders. Abstaining from alcohol is not just for the members of AA; it's for anyone who wants to try something a little different and see if it opens up their life to any interesting changes. According to research, Gen Z and Millennials currently consume less alcohol per year than any other generation. Perhaps they know something that we don't?

Your Own Emotional Escape Room

If you haven't tried yoga or meditation, maybe this year is the year! Both of these self care practices have been used for thousands of years to expand the mind and body and search the soul. Even if you don't have a whole room to yourself, set aside a corner for your yoga or meditation practice and practice as often as you can. Find a place that's just for you and set up some candles, a space for your mat or pillows, some space for a speaker for when you choose to follow a guided meditation. Ensure that the area is not overly cluttered or near any irritating noises. Practicing yoga or meditation is time just for you; you can choose yoga for fitness or to stretch and tone your body or meditation to calm yourself or realize your dreams with a bit of positive thinking and attraction. 

age by Yan Krukov via Pexel

Bath Time

Oh, the joy of sinking into a hot bath after a long day! Taking a bath is about more than just scrubbing yourself till you're clean and shiny; it's about soaking in the warm water and letting it relax your mind and muscles. It’s about time completely alone where you can think about whatever comes to mind; you can listen to a podcast or watch a movie, read a book or just lie there and enjoy the bubbles.


Though the term “mindfulness” is thrown around a lot these days, at its core, it is a very useful idea. Mindfulness is often used in conjunction with the term “manifestation.” Many believe that by being mindful of what you say or think and the things you spend your time on or allow into your life, you can manifest what you want for yourself in almost any area of your life. Mindfulness is also an excellent way to curate your impact on the world around you. It can minimize the amount of waste you generate, keep you from making rash fast fashion purchases, or remind you to take along a tote bag when you do your grocery shopping.

Tracking Your Stress

If you don't already own a smartwatch or a tracking app, now is the time to get one! Keeping an eye on stress patterns and when your stress level begins to show an increase is one seriously smart way to nip all stress in the bud. Of course, there's a lot more than you can monitor with apps or watches that keep an eye on your vital signs, such as calorie intake, calorie expenditure, heart rate, steps…you name it. But tracking your stress gives you a direct line to your health which directly impacts your physical and mental wellbeing.

If the high-tech solutions aren't for you, you could try journaling to keep an eye on your thoughts and feelings. Having some way to look down at your experiences and find patterns can be helpful in heading stressful periods off at the pass.

Image by Pixabay via Pexels 


Moving your body is so much more than a wellness or self-care trend. Moving your body as often as you can is imperative to your physical health and also impacts your mental health. Many of us are sedentary for much of the day, so getting in some sort of exercise, whether it be a walk with the dog, a yoga class, going to the gym, or working out on your own at home, is imperative for your health and happiness.

No To Diet Culture

You might look at this as an anti-trend, but it's still an important one. Nourishing your body is important but stressing it out by trying to diet your way to happiness is simply not healthy. Instead, get all of your food groups in every day, eat your fruits and veggies and yes, eat that cake if you want to! Give your body what it needs, but don't deprive it.

Wrap Up

If you add these worthy self-care trends to your weekly routine, you’ll feel the difference in no time!