Winnipeg Health Coach Gabriel Patterson Details Some Approaches to Maintain a Consistent Diet During Travel

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Active careers place many travel demands on our schedules and our bodies. Constant traveling can have several effects on your body. These changes may not be noticeable at first, but as your travels accumulate, you may notice differences in how you feel and look. Dietary changes while traveling can lead to physiological changes over time. Travelling provides special challenges on consistent dietary maintenance. In this article, certified fitness trainer and health coach Gabriel Patterson, of Winnipeg, discusses some modifications you can make to your travel routine to keep your dietary plan on track at all times.

Keep Control Over Portion Sizes

It’s easy to say you are not going to eat out every meal when traveling, but in reality, every meal is often going to be a restaurant meal by necessity. Remember that restaurant portions are usually larger than those you prepare at home (many times much, much larger). Before ordering a meal when traveling, consider how much food you are going to be served. Sometimes something from an appetizer or salad menu will be plenty for one or more of your meals during the day. 

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Research Food and Restaurant Options in Advance

Nutritional health on the road requires the same essential element as at home — planning. Often, the worst eating while traveling is a result of not knowing what options are available and eating whatever is handy. Busy travel schedules run much better when eating choices have been sorted out in advance so that you can eat where and what you prefer without becoming rushed or stressed. The internet has virtually unlimited sites and apps available for checking out dining options anywhere in the world your trip might take you.

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Accept That There Will Be Some Deviation From Your Plan and Get Back on Track

There is no benefit from getting stressed out about the food choices you make on a trip. In some situations, you will not have the ability to eat the way you usually would. Accept that some variation from your plan during travel is not going to destroy your discipline or dietary plan. Throughout a short business trip or vacation, any weight you gain is substantially all constipation or water weight. Refocusing on your plan and routine when back home will almost always bring you back into balance quickly.

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Maintain Your Exercise Routine

If you keep to a regular exercise schedule when traveling, your body will work wonders in maintaining your standard food preferences and dietary habits. Use your hotel’s exercise equipment and pool to keep your metabolism fired up. Exercise will also help you get adequate and healthy sleep while traveling as well, which is directly related to your hunger and food discipline.

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Stay Hydrated

Water is often neglected on the road, where alcohol, coffee, and soda are more available and more accessible than at home. Dehydration leads directly to feelings of hunger, food cravings, and depletes your energy while traveling. Drinking water with every meal, and before meals as well, will do wonders for your appetite control and energy.

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About Gabriel Patterson

Gabriel Patterson is a Winnipeg native and certified fitness trainer and health coach who advocates a balanced and healthy lifestyle for his clients. Gabriel’s passion for an active and productive lifestyle has led him to his mission of supporting and educating his clients as they discover new health and fitness routines. He emphasizes a nutrient-dense diet for his clients as they recover from sports injuries or seek solid fitness foundations. As a lifelong athlete, Gabriel developed a deep interest in physiology and advanced training as a competitive swimmer. He has taken his experience as a personal trainer into the business world as the founder of Patterson Training. Gabriel has a strong reputation with his clients due to his positive and supportive attitude and his common sense and transparent approach to coaching and guiding every client as an individual.