Artist Brian Kesinger Illustrates A Series of About Life With A Pet Octopus

By day, Brian Kesinger is a story artist at Walt Disney Animation Studios and by night he’€™s a writer and illustrator of Strolling Your Octopus. Kesinger masterfully imagines fascinating adventures of a friendship that is most unlikely and blends the Disney world with all the steam-punk universe.

The leading figures of these adventures are her pet octopus and Victoria. “Everyone can relate to having a pet,”€ Kesinger states. “What I wanted to do with Otto and Victoria is to ask the question ‘What if your pet was an octopus?’ As soon as you do that you start to raise humorous scenarios like how hard would it be to housebreak an octopus when they’re inking everywhere.”

From a relaxing tea party to lighting the candles for the evening on a boat, Victoria does everything with her cephalopod that is domesticated. Scroll down to appreciate Brian’€™s tales and don’t neglect to inform us which one’€™s your favor in the comics!

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