Comical and Quirky Illustrations by Klaus Kremmerz

For German illustrator Klaus Kremmerz, there's just one instrument that he loves to utilize; one that delivers artwork that looks like nothing else currently out there. And that's the humble felt-tip pen.

This not only adds superb pleasing feel to his examples, but it also whips up an enormous sense of nostalgia.

Having a style that frequently follows straightforward lines and the odd cheeky story thrown in for good measure, his most recent work comprises a stunning illustration for Village Voice. Speaking of his choice of weapon to WeTransfer's This Works, he said: "Felt-tips don't let you become over-elaborate. You will need to find a fast solution, to prevent color spreading from control on the paper.

"it is a fresh media rich with potential. Each time that I start a new work, it feels like driving with no security belt. I really don't know whether the picture is finished until is completed."

To discover more of his work, visit his website or follow him on Instagram.