An Illustrator Shows ‘What Love Looks Like, Whether You’re in a Relationship or Not’ in Lovely Illustrations

an illustrator shows 'what love looks like, whether you’re in a relationship or not' in lovely illustrations

Love isn’t one-size-fits-all. Despite what books and movies might show, it is about more than simply grand gestures; this specific fondness doesn’t even need to involve someone else. More frequently, a demo of love is an assortment of the mundane moments of everyday life in which tenderness often hides but grows powerful. Amanda Oleander creates unconventional illustrated love stories that prove this.

Oleander often depicts couples in their house who are fully comfortable in one another’s company. They traipse about in their panties and let it all hang out; this leads to some intriguing moments which show the internal workings of a relationship–like popping another person’s pimple or helping them paint their toenails. These screens aren’t exactly glamorous, but they’re real and most of all, relatable.

Romance is just one type of romance that Oleander illustrates. Throughout her popular Instagram account, she regularly highlights affection towards your pets–like allowing them to lick your plate clean–and more importantly, self-love. The concept of enjoying yourself is shown simply; such as her two-person relationships, it is all about the small things, from snuggling in a heap of warm drier clothes to eating ice cream and watching TV.

The thread uniting all of Oleander’s examples is the concept of credibility. To be pleased with who you are, reveal your true self–whether that is to the mirror along with your romantic partner.