French Artist Turns Son’s Drawings Into Impressive Anime Characters

French artist Thomas Romain has newly begun co-operating with two unlikely artists: his young sons. Much like their father, the boys love to draw. To show them the ability of their creativity, Romain often turns their sketches into professional-level concept art.

Romain started his different anime drawings series last month when he and one of his sons created and rendered a star-studded alien. Basically, a mixed media sketch composed of markers, stickers, and a fuzzy fabric, the piece was modified by Romain into an expertly shaded watercolor illustration. Since this first attempt, Romain and his sons have created three more one-of-a-kind characters: a Steampunk Doctor, Cyborg, and Magic Knight. Though Romain puts his own spin on each design, he remains true to the original concept, including the content, color scheme, and purpose.

Romain posts each heartwarming collaboration on his Twitter account. The side-by-side images are always accompanied by a caption that lovingly credits either his older or younger son as the designer. In addition to his father-son series, Romain’s Twitter also showcases much of his other art, including work for anime series Aria, Basquash!, Symphogear, and Space Dandy.

via Thomas Romain