High-Detailed Illustrations portray Abstract Monochrome Dreamscapes by Clément Fourment

The fine level of detail and accuracy found in the work of French illustrator, Clément Fourment, is impressive.
After studying graphic design, Fourment spent two years creating giant Leporello, as large as five-meters long -- each filled with detailed drawings in black and white -- the accuracy of that would become a feature of his work.

Citing his fantasies as his principal source of inspiration, Fourment describes: "Like in a dream, we walk without really understanding where we are going. We're directed by an instinctive and uncontrollable force.

"Time and distance are fuzzy. The chronology does not work as in reality; there is no temporal logic. Everybody will have to get lost in the picture to hang on into some reality."

Each page of this Leporello has a narrative, which changes when seeing the project as a whole.

"The metamorphosis is a good word to define my work; I love to change style and medium to change the narration." See more on Instagram.