These Side-By-Side Comparisons Perfectly Show the Two Kinds of People

The adage of there being “two types of people in the entire world” appears even truer today, and no longer cleverly exemplifies that than João Rocha. His humorous ongoing series known as 2 Kinds of People indicates the small ways that people are distinct. While they may appear insignificant, these quirks talk volumes about somebody–and are sure to evoke strong opinions however banal.

So, are you the sort of person that adds your milk into cereal, or your cereal to milk? Can you leave your pop tab on the can, or tear off it the very first opportunity you get? You may have an instantaneous preference in both of these scenarios and can not imagine it any other way. Intellectually, it’s simple to understand that two individuals can do things in various ways and achieve exactly the exact same outcome. But on your gut, it sure sounds like your way is your very best.

The responses that Rocha’s minimalist drawings have the ability to elicit is precisely what makes his job so brilliant. Since we first featured it in 2015, it has increased in popularity and been forced into a publication. Called Two Kinds of People: A Visual Compatibility Quiz, it doubles as a sport you can play with somebody else; once you both look at one of those contrast examples, then you score yourselves and determine where you fall on the Scale of Compatibility.

In his series two types of Folks, João Rocha demonstrates that there are two kinds of people in the world, such as people who would rather slather syrup in their pancakes…

2 Kinds of People: Tumblr | Society6
h/t: Design TAXI